The Intermediate Blitz League

On there is a club with over 60 active members, 3 battling rival teams, and numerous event types, with one thing in common – A place for people to play blitz competitively, and to discuss ideas with like minded people. The only requirement that you need to join this club is a blitz rating between 1100 – 1800, and a deep desire to play blitz. Here is a link to the club:

IBL Top 10 – May

The following table is comprised of the players in IBL who have accrued the most points to their name throughout all of the regular events. Every win is equivalent to 1 point on the right hand column.

IBL Top 10 - May

Knockout Championships

At the moment, IBL is currently undergoing the annual knockout championships, which is a new innovation. There were 26 competitors at the start, and round 1 is well under way. Yesterday, @ATM622 guaranteed a spot in round 2, when he beat @ChiefJab 3-0.

Here is the schedule for upcoming matches:

All times are in UTC, which is equivalent to GMT, or BST-1.



  • 16:00  GCEDW2001 blitz.png FortunaMajor


  • 11:30 pranay_p blitz.png prabathwijesinghe
  • 16:00  FangBo blitz.png luisen_17


  • 17:05 frankiesheehy blitz.png sougataghosh


  • 21:00 T0TS blitz.png shortcastle


Regular Event Times

At the moment, the main events that happen are at 01:00 and 18:00 BST every Saturday.

This is due to change, to ensure that members of all time zones are accounted for. By completing the following survey. You will give us a better idea of when the event times would be most suitable.